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Where are the tests conducted? The majority of your initial assessment is done from the comfort of your home. Biomarkers are taken from blood samples and urine, which are performed by a mobile phlebotomy company. We use Invitae to perform genetic testing, which is gathered as a saliva sample. This test is drop-shipped to you and you simply provide the sample and then return by mail. Physical tests for patients in Northern California are done at our impeccable partnering facility, Custom Fit. Located in Hayes Valley, Custom Fit will provide testing for VO2 max, DEXA, strength and mobility testing, as well as nutrition and fitness consultations.

What types of services does your clinic offer? We specialize in medical health optimization, focusing on bespoke care that enhances peak performance and overall health. Our services include advanced lab panels, male hormone assessments, genetic testing, sleep and neurocognitive assessments, continuous glucose monitoring, and more, all tailored to your unique health needs.

Can you serve patients outside the San Francisco Bay Area? Absolutely! We cater to patients across California. While we partner with facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area for certain tests, we can help locate alternative facilities near you for necessary testing. Additionally, a significant portion of our care is provided virtually for your convenience.

Do you replace primary care providers? No, we act as a complement to your primary care. We focus on health optimization and peak performance, working alongside your primary care provider to enhance your overall health strategy.

Do you accept insurance? We do not accept insurance. Our clinic provides a highly personalized and catered healthcare experience, which comes at a set cost. For more information on pricing, please use the “Get Started” or “Schedule a Consultation” links on our main page.

How is the bloodwork and testing conducted? For your convenience, bloodwork for over 120 biomarkers and EKGs are conducted at your home by a mobile phlebotomy service. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge desktop software for other aspects of testing that can be done from your home.

Are in-person visits required for any services? Some services, such as VO2 max assessments, DEXA scans, strength testing, personal training, and sessions with registered dietitians, are conducted at Custom Fit in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. However, if you’re unable to visit these locations, we will assist in finding suitable local facilities for these services.

How do I start my journey with your clinic? To begin your personalized health optimization journey, simply click on the “Get Started” or “Schedule a Consultation” links on our website. We’ll guide you through the process and answer any additional questions you may have.

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