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Our Mission

We aim to transform the landscape of men’s health.


About Silo Health

Your Partner in Well-being

Silo Health is more than a clinic – we are your dedicated partner in health optimization. Your physician-led journey is designed to be personal, guiding you toward a longer, healthier, life.

Our Journey

Born from the need for a dedicated health pathway for men, Silo Health combines years of expertise, the latest in precision medicine, and a profound understanding of men’s health needs.

our Services

Personalized Health Optimization for Men


Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Begin your health journey where you’re most comfortable: at home. Our initial assessments are tailored to understand your needs and goals. Here you will have labs performed by a mobile phlebotomist. We’ll also initiate biometric testing from home.



In-Person Health Evaluation

For the next step we offer in-person health evaluations including validated strength & mobility testing, VO2 max, and DEXA scan, ensuring a holistic understanding of your health.


Customized Health Plans

After you have had your comprehensive analysis, the real journey starts. Every individual is unique, and so should be their health plans. Our recommendations are customized to your tests, goals, and preferences.

Physician Partnership

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biWeekly Roadmap

Our collaborative roadmap provides a regularly updated wellness plan, ensuring that your health journey is always on the right track.

Every two weeks, we’ll assess your progress, adapt your roadmap to meet your evolving health needs. This dynamic approach ensures that your path to optimal health is both responsive and reflective of your personal health goals and lifestyle changes.

Quarterly Check-ins

Your comprehensive check-in that builds upon the insights from the work you have been putting in week-to-week.

These sessions are an opportunity to delve deeper into your health journey, incorporating additional testing, consultations, etc, if needed based on our analysis.

Annual Health Synopsis

Once a year, we take a step back to reassess your initial baseline physical tests and biomarkers, evaluating the progress that has been made.

Our Annual Health Synopsis is a key moment in your health journey with Silo Health. This thorough review allows us to confirm the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts and to adjust your personalized health plan to continue reaping the benefits of your dedication to optimal well-being. It’s a time of reflection, celebration, and strategic planning for your future health milestones.

Continuous Communication

Your health questions, anytime. Stay connected with your dedicated physician indefinitely. Plans may change and that is okay.

our Services

Focus areas

Cardiometabolic Health

Issues related to heart health and metabolism can significantly effect every part of a man’s life.

Our tailored approach focuses on reducing the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, which are leading causes of morbidity and mortality in men. We offer personalized assessments and interventions that target blood pressure, relevant biomarkers, and glucose control, key factors in safeguarding your cardiometabolic vitality.

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition is central to our philosophy, with the understanding that a diet tailored to your individual needs is vital for energizing and sustaining your overall health.

In conjunction with a registered dietitian, plans are crafted to optimize your metabolic health, support muscle synthesis, and provide the nutrients necessary for peak physical performance and longevity.

Neurocognitive Resilience

Limiting your chances of cognitive decline are a paramount feature of our program.

we integrate the latest scientific research to strengthen your brain health, enhancing cognitive function, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Healthspan Optimization

We aim to boost your odds of a life that is free of a disease and disability.

Our personalized health optimization strategies aim to maintain your vitality, agility, and mental acuity, ensuring you live not just longer, but better.


Our personalized sleep strategies are designed to enhance restorative sleep, crucial for cognitive function and overall morbidity prevention.

Poor sleep is a known risk factor for heart disease, dementia, and earlier death.

Mental Health

Mental health is intimately connected to physical health.

Stress and depression may significantly increase the risk of heart disease and lower life expectancy. Our strategy is to bolster your psychological resilience.

Social Fitness

Social Fitness is about building strong personal and professional relationships that enrich your life.

By making meaningful connections with others in your community and workplace, and tapping into support networks, you will thrive.

sexual health

Often the most overlooked aspect of your well-being. Sexual health has major implications for emotional, psychological, and physical health.

We provide in-depth and comprehensive care to support all facets of sexual health.

Exercise & Mobility

Regular physical activity and maintaining mobility are cornerstones of a long and full life.

They are critical for weight management, muscle strength, and joint health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and enhancing overall well-being.

our Services

Diagnostics with Depth

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Biometric Tracking Devices*

Your health, reflected in real-time metrics.

Integrating devices like the Oura ring into your health record offers a continuous, detailed look at your daily health metrics, ensuring personalized and up-to-the-minute care.

*May include but not limited to: Oura ring, automatic blood pressure cuff, biometric scale.

Male Hormone Assessment

Balancing hormones for peak vitality.

Hormones play a crucial role in men’s health. Our Male Hormone Assessment personalizes your health strategy by examining hormone levels, ensuring they are optimized for your vitality and overall well-being.

ECG Evaluation

Tracing heart health with precision and care.

An ECG Evaluation is a non-invasive way to assess your heart’s function, crucial for the early detection of potential abnormalities and preserving your long-term cardiovascular health.

DEXA Scan for Bone & Body Composition

Deep insights for a strong physical foundation.

The DEXA Scan at our partnering facility offers an in-depth analysis of bone density and body composition, essential metrics for crafting a lifestyle that supports a strong and healthy future.

At-Home Sleep Assessment

Unlocking your nocturnal health.

With 40% of sleep apnea cases going undiagnosed, our At-Home Sleep Assessment is a critical tool for uncovering hidden risks and safeguarding your night’s rest, which is as important as diet and exercise in your health equation.

Strength & Mobility Evaluation

Musculoskeletal strength and movement may predict a more robust life.

Our Strength & Mobility Evaluation, performed at a partnering health facility, measures your physical capabilities, directly contributing to maintaining independence and quality of life.

Early Cancer Detection with Galleri by Grail

Screen for 50+ cancers that would otherwise go undetected.

Detecting over 50 types of cancers, Galleri by Grail is a revolutionary test that exemplifies our commitment to early intervention.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring*

Simplicity meets accurate metabolic insights.

Tailored for individuals with concerns related to insulin sensitivity, CGM pinpoints trends in your glucose to mitigate the risk of diabetes, a silent contributor to multiple health complications.

*Reserved for patients with insulin insensitivity, insulin resistance, prediabetes, and diabetes

Advanced lab panel (120+ biomarkers)

An extensive lab panel for tailored strategies

Our Advanced Lab Panel is more than just a routine check-up; it’s a comprehensive scan of over 120 biomarkers. This in-depth analysis gives us a panoramic view of your health, highlighting areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

Genetic Testing

Decoding your DNA for a healthier you.

We employ testing to identify predispositions to conditions like cancer and heart disease. This knowledge empowers us to make proactive, personalized health choices.

V02 Max Measurement

Measuring fitness, fortifying longevity.

Conducted at our partnering health facility, VO2 Max Measurement gauges your body’s oxygen usage, reflecting cardiovascular and pulmonary health and guiding interventions for a robust healthspan.

Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis

Determining energy needs based on your metabolic blueprint.

Understanding your metabolism’s idiosyncrasies is essential. This analysis provides insights into what fuel your body needs to perform at the highest level.

Neurocognitive Testing

Protecting your cognitive health.

Neurocognitive Testing is designed to assess your brain health. With this knowledge we can better address cognitive sharpness and resilience against age-related decline.

Mood & Stress Assessment

psychological well-being Evaluation.

This is a personalized evaluation designed to understand your unique emotional landscape and stress levels. It helps in identifying patterns that may impact your overall health, allowing for interventions that can improve your psychological resilience and contribute to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

sleep specialist consultation

Expert sleep optimization for peak performance.

Our Sleep Specialist Consultation connects you with a top-tier expert in sleep health, renowned for working with professional athletes and high-performers. Together, you’ll craft a precision sleep plan tailored to your lifestyle, designed to enhance rest quality and elevate daily functioning to your highest potential.

Sessions with Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert

Guides on your path to an optimal health outcome.

Our experts are your partners in health, offering personalized sessions that translate into a life enriched by balanced nutrition and physical vitality.

Coronary CT Scan (Calcium Score)

A clear view to a healthy heart.

Performed at a partnering health facility, a Coronary CT Scan is a pivotal tool in our preventive care arsenal, offering a detailed image of your heart’s arteries, essential for thwarting cardiovascular disease.


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